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About Me

Hello, my name is Leilani and I am the maker and creator of Betty Plumi. I was born and raised in Montebello, California (Los Angeles) where I lived with my amazing parents Harris and Doris, my two older brothers Christopher and Jared who I admire so much and a younger brother Joshua that calls me his second mom. I am of Samoan (dad) and Mexican (mom) descent and love how both of my cultures are beautiful in so many ways. As a child I was always playing outside with my brothers and neighborhood friends. I kept busy with sports such as swimming, water polo, did wrestling for a bit and played alto sax throughout high school. I started my love for hula at 8 yrs old and continued with groups  Kei Alaha and Hitia O Te Ra. They both played such a big part of my life and I'm so grateful for the experiences and the amazing lifelong friends. 
In June 2006 I met the love of my life Ammon Solomona!!!! We were inseparable which was annoying to everyone around us lol. We got married in August 2007 and had our first child June 2008. We moved with our 5 children to Utah in 2016 and had 2 Utah babies since then. I became a SAHM in August 2018, started homeschooling all our children due to the pandemic, and thought why not start a business lol. Life is adventurous and I'm so lucky I have my husband and children by my side.