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Who is Betty?

Who is Betty? She is my beautiful grandmother
Betty Aina Teleuli. Growing up she lived on the corner from us and I would always run over to the side gate to go hangout with her. I remember her listening to her cassette tapes of Samoan music and laughing with friends and family while her dog was running around her. This woman was so beautiful and glamorous. She was truly the life of the party. She spoiled the heck out of me with all the love she had. She would tell me how beautiful I was and I was her Miss Montebello 😂 She was so welcoming and made you feel accepted. She taught me to love life and most importantly my family. I miss all her talks about how we may make mistakes in life and that she would always love me no matter what. I miss her so much and wish she could see what I’ve accomplished (which I know she’s been with me throughout this whole process ❤️) I named my business after her because I wanted to create characters that embody the beautiful qualities that my gorgeous grandmother has.