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Our Story

In 2008 when I was pregnant with my first born I pondered about traditions I would love to begin with my family. I immediately thought about my Nana and wanted her to teach me how to crochet. It was such a special moment for me to sit with her, to hear her stories as she taught me. I went to take a class to learn how to read patterns and it opened the door to more creativity. I fell in love with the art of amigurumi crochet dolls but I was so intimidated to try.

When my second son was having a difficult time with his confidence and feeling like he wasn't good enough, I knew I needed to create something that made him feel so special and loved. Something that he can hug in those moments when he felt down. His doll, Joaqasauras was my very first attempt at amigurumi. Till this day Joaqasauras is his most precious possession.

The following year my husband and our four children would be celebrating our first Christmas on our own. At the time my husband was a SAHD (stay at home dad) and money was super tight. We were so sad that we wouldn't be able to get gifts for our babies. Remember when I mentioned about traditions that I wanted for my family? We decided this would be the perfect time. That Christmas I crocheted a doll for each of our children. As I created I thought about all my favorite memories I had of them, what I loved most about them, and their cute little faces. They were so happy and excited to receive their dolls. I told them that when they miss me when I'm at work or feel sad they can always hug their doll and it's like a hug from mama. I went on to say these dolls are so special because they will last long after I'm gone and will always be a symbol of my love for them.